Tips On Preparing For Your Cruise Holiday

After a long period of time working or studying hard, you will always feel refreshed by going on a cruise. However, it may take some time and effort to decide what to bring on your trip. Below are some tips for you that can help.


1. Plan in detail your cruise itinerary. Where you’re likely to go, which ports you will be stopping over at, places that you’ll get on to the shore to explore, etc.


2. After planning your itinerary meticulously do some research on the cruise line you want to take and then choose the one that best suits your itinerary.


3. Plan a budget for your trip and choose a cruise line that suits your budget and offers you the most facilities.


After planning the trip carefully, pay close attention to the cruise line you choose. You don’t want to end up spending a fortune on one remarkable cruise experience. As lay people not many of us know how cruise lines operate. There isn’t much transparency in the processes they follow and there may be a chance of your getting duped by unscrupulous operators. Remember that a bit of back ground study can help one from getting into this kind of a situation. We will see how you can avoid spending more than you should as we go along, but first let us decide on what you need to pack.


Here are a few simple pointers to make your packing job easy:


• Keep your passport, cruise line ticket, air plane ticket( if you need one), insurance documents, medical prescriptions, any other relevant documents in one place in handy folder.
• Make photocopies of all these documents and leave a copy at home or with a friend or relative. In case you misplace yours they can mail you a copy of the originals.
• Carry a duplicate set in your luggage in the event of the originals getting stolen or misplaced.
• Pack as many clothes as you will require. Do not over pack dress items.
• Usually a week long cruise will have a couple of formal nights. You might think of carrying a couple of formal dinner dresses/ suits for these occasions.
• For the rest of the days carry casual wear depending on the climate and also the ports that you’ll be visiting.
• Bring clothes that you can mix and match and feel comfortable in.
• Remember that airlines have a 50 pounds weight limit and will fine you if you go over the limit.


Luxury cruise lines cater to wealthy passengers and have every item you may need. However, these items are very expensive on board and the cruise lines do brisk business by persuading passengers to buy things at their outlet. Everything inside the cruise liner is designed to fleece you. However, if you are careful you may not have to spend any extra money if you don’t want to.


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