Sardinia Destinaton Guide

Sardinia is Europe’s second largest Island, and while it may not be cheap, for many this does little to quell its appeal. The rich and famous have been flocking here for fifty years and there seems to be a well known about the wine here, it is apparently the key to long life.

Researchers have found that the reds from its Nuoro area help with good health and a longevity of life. And true enough Sardinia has a nice ratio of centurinarians amongst its small population.
Though that laid back Mediterranean style of life is no doubt a big help to anyone attempting to live in to their hundreds. The air is fresh and the water is clear and unspoiled, and it is hard to think of any hour of time spent here being one that would take its toll.

The landscape is filled with flowers giving the air a clean and new smell, then there are the clean beaches perfect for a day spent reclining as the sea shimmers in the distance and in to the horizon.
The centre of the Island is mostly mountains so you tend to find that the people settlements are mostly scattered around the coast, allowing an easier, more ocean breeze swept life.

Now more flights at cheaper prices have made the island a more accessible destination for tourists not wishing to break the bank, with self catering and Sardinia villas offering them a chance to save a lot of money. Yet it would seem that the island will still always be popular with couples and families that are comfortable with spending a little money on their holiday abroad.
Yet while the island has become more affordable, it would seem that it remains.


Festivals: There are loads of festivals throughout Sardinia, all year round you can enjoy great cultural offerings with many festivals running over the summer and in to the autumn.
Ancient Sites: Some great ancient ruins have been left in Sardinia from Roman settlement, for the best locations head out to Tharros.


Golf: Sardinia is well known for its golf, and as with any location with a hot climate and expensive type of clientele it attracts many wishing for a pastoral walk on the greens, lit by a big Mediterranean sun under a thick blue sky. The greens stretch on an d there are some wonderful views of this beautiful landscape.


Sardinia is a fashionistas dream spot, and for the reluctant husband that hates spending money, a nightmare location. Costa Smerelda is the spot most popular with the WAGs that should end up in Sardinia, offer boutique after boutique, selling the most glamorous wares. But you will also find a great deal of handcrafts and more modest home made items, copper and iron work, wood carvings and other artworks, all with a very traditional and local feel. There are markets to pick up local delicacies. You can then have a post shopping snack in town or take home the day’s acquisitions to cook at your villa.

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