Holidays in Britain – Your Guide

As the credit crunch continues to bite its way through our disposable income, more and more people are making the decision to holiday in Britain. Britain as a holiday destination has not only become, perhaps by default the preferred location for the Brits, but it continues to attract ever increasing numbers of European holidaymakers due mainly to the weak pound.

Holidays in Britain lost there popularity, particularly during the last decade, when it was perceived to be cheaper to go abroad where the British pound gave more buying power. Consequently the Brits in droves flocked to the Spanish costas, Greek Islands and turkey to name but a few destinations. Summer 2009 will inevitably become one of change as people are forced for economic reasons to put aside fears of the unreliable weather and look for ways of enjoying a family holiday in less sunny climes.

Why not take a look at my survival kit,  maximise your fun without going over budget. Plan to start your holiday the moment you lock the front door behind you. With no lengthy check -in queues and stuffy departure lounges to contend with, you are free to relax and enjoy the journey from the offset. Travelling time can be used productively, particularly if you go by public transport.  There are bargains to be found for train and coach journeys you just have to look around:

National Express Funfares.
Travel to selected destinations for as little as £1 per person, one way. Available on 180 routes to towns, countryside and seaside resorts, the length and breadth of the UK. Subject to availability and only available online.

Train Operating Companies.
The groupsave offer allows three or four adults to travel together for the price of two adults. In addition up to four young persons aged between  five and fifteen can travel for as little as a £1 per person single or return. 

Family and Friends Railcard
Costs just £24 and up to 4 adults and 4 children can travel. Saving 1/3 off adult fares and 60% off children’s fares. 

 Advanced Saver Tickets offered by most train operating companies, offer exciting discounts providing you book in advance. Discounted tickets become available from 12 weeks before the date of travel and with Trainline you can sign up for alerts when the discounted ticket prices become available. Before you buy your rail tickets it is advisable to check out the destination station. If a taxi is required then it may be cost effective and ultimately quicker to get a train to the nearest largest town and pick up a taxi there. Chances are if you are in a location that does not have a taxi service you will have to pay for the journey from the town to where you are and then onward to your final destination.

Always check your prospective accommodation on trip advisor to find out how others rate it. This often proves invaluable. Make your hard earned cash go further by holidaying in Britain this year. Britain 2009 has become the preferred holiday destination for hundreds of thousands of holiday makers. Here at OPH we have devised a general guide to holidays in Britain and we trust this shared experience will not only give you alternative ideas but also prevent you from falling into some of the pitfalls and make your British holiday experience more enjoyable.

Endorse the British weather.
We all know the British weather can be unpredictable to say the least,especially during the summer months. If you plan your holiday around hours of sunshine you may be disappointed. Simply by endorsing the British weather and planning your holiday around weather defying activities will set you in good stead to have an enjoyable time.

Do Your Homework Before You Go
Its never been so easy to find out about your holiday location. Look on the internet or contact tourist information for events and activities, particularly freebies and those held indoors. Take time out to discuss which events you would like to attend. This way you’ve got your party onboard from the outset

All Weather Attire
Sunglasses and swimwear are all well and good but remember to pack wellies and a rainmac. Chances are if you have to start buying such clothing from the local gift shops you will have to pay well over the odds. It can actually be fun jumping into puddles and walking in the rain when you are dressed for the occasion. It surely beats huddling in shop doorways and moaning about the weather.

Choose accommodation wisely. Cheap b&b’s are all well and good but not if you feel obliged to leave the property immediately after breakfast and not return until the evening. Communal rooms such as TV room, games room and lounge are a must particularly if you are travelling with children. Hotels are usually less restrictive and may therefore afford better value for money in terms of having more facilities onsite. Check out Trip Advisor before you book, that way you can learn form other peoples mistakes without risking your hard earned cash. Hotel websites are after all meant to be enticing.

Travelodge offers cheap rooms for as little as £9 for basic, clean accommodation. Up to 3 adults can share or two adults and two children. Many are in town locations so if you are using public transport it,s not a problem and you needn’t be far from the action.

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