5 Tips For The Best Holiday In Barcelona

Barcelona has some truly wonderful attractions. The Picasso Museum features the famous artists work over the decades. Definitely one place you want to dedicate a few hours to.

Take in Barcelonas amazing history by walking down Les Rambles and experience the old city, Barri Gotic.

Visit the Sagrada Familia, a giant temple designed by Antonio Gaudi, master architect. Since 1882 the building has been under construction and they estimate that it will take another 30-80 years depending on funding and resources until it will be complete.

Night Life
For those who enjoy bustling night life, take a trip to Port Olympic. The night spots there come highly recommended. The El Born district is home to some of the trendiest bars and shops in Barcelona. Wander through the winding side streets and alleyways. It is meant to be explored.

Do your research
Barcelona has so many different amazing places to visit and some incredible things to do. To make sure that you dont miss out, make sure that before you leave for your holiday you research what the city has to offer and work in all of the sites that are of most interest to you.

By having even a general itinerary of what you will be doing you will ensure that you wont miss out on anything you want to do.

In most major cities across the globe tourists are always warned about crime and the importance of making sure they keep their personal belongings close to them at all times.Wearing a concealed money pouch is a great way to stop pick pockets and keeping your camera in its bag across your body rather than just on one shoulder will prevent someone from easily taking it from you.

Travel Insurance
We all know, however that despite being careful things can still happen. Thats why having travel insurance is so important. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but it means that if something is stolen from you, you will at least have the money to replace it. It is also good to know that if you needed to seek medical attention, you would be financially reimbursed for the cost.

When choosing cheap travel insurance to suit your needs make sure the company you decide to go with has easy to read policies and they offer you everything you want from your insurance.

Planning a trip to Barcelona should be a fun and exciting experience. I hope our tips have helped you decide on some ideas to get the most out of your trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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